Quality Assurance

Quality policy, objectives, commitments

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1. Quality Policy

Quality first, leading technology; Continuous improvement and user satisfaction.


2. Quality objectives

The product quality meets national and industry standards; Dedicated to society with 100% qualified excellent electrical equipment and high-quality and efficient services; GB/T19001-2000idtISO9001:2000 Standard Specification Management.


3. Management commitmentWe make the following commitment to our customers: to maintain and continuously improve our quality management system, and to resolutely resist and seriously deal with any deviation from the quality policy; Strive to meet the needs of customers and ensure timely and satisfactory responses to their requests; Implement lifelong service for products.


Quality System Elements

Our first-class service allows you to rest assured and satisfied


  The quality system document consists of 20 basic elements, including a quality manual, program documents, and work instructions, and is strictly implemented throughout the entire factory.

  1. Design Control

  1.1 each contract product shall be designed according to the contract requirements, customers' drawing, contract technical review, and disclosure document, etc., and the technical personnel shall be designated to be responsible for the technical design. For incomplete, ambiguous or contradictory requirements, both are addressed before the design and the required unit of responsibility.

  Prior to the release of 1.2 in the design of the output file review, the formation of the file after the necessary design verification, through the verification, inspection and provide the objective basis, prove design output meet the design input requirements.

  1.3 for each design, design validation shall be carried out for the final product under specified use conditions to ensure that the design quality meets the intended use and the agreement reached with the customer.

  2, The purchase

  2.1 according to the requirements of relevant procedure files and the combination of raw and auxiliary materials related to the national standards, industry standards, prepare the list of qualified subcontractors, and set up the qualified subcontractors files, and each half year for subcontractors, a comprehensive evaluation to establish the list of qualified subcontractors.

  2.2 when the purchasing department signs the contract with the subcontractor, it shall specify the technical requirements, acceptance conditions and the requirements of the relevant quality assurance in the contract.

  2.3 product sampling provided by the subcontractors regularly, and the authorities for testing, for the product quality problems appeared in the production process or test is unqualified, cancel the qualification of subcontractors.

  2.4 for subcontractors to provide raw materials plant has a professional engineer qualification in accordance with the relevant standards of material mechanical properties testing of sampling test, check on strictly the materials into the factory, to ensure the qualified material into production.

  3. Process Control

  3.1 the process operators have appropriate level of technology, strict examination, to the personnel of key processes such as welding, surface treatment, have a high level of the operator, and continuous monitoring, make detailed records, ensure the quality of its products.

  3.2 all affect the quality of products related skills assessment criteria, are in the process of the right be explicitly stipulated in the "process" code, each production jobs strictly comply with the implementation of the key working procedure of the process, equipment and personnel appraisal were recorded to be saved.

  3.3 the key equipment that affects the quality of the process, such as the molding machine, nc cutting, folding and punching, etc., is used to continuously monitor and maintain the process capability.

  3.4 maintain the clean and orderly operation environment of each process, conform to the major inspection of fixed management, and incorporate into the daily assessment, and the site management of our company is rated as the excellent standard of the city every year.

  3.5 at the scene of the production workshop, various raw materials and semi-finished products put are identified, to identify products according to the relevant procedures to ensure that the rejected material and products does not put into use, the transition between each process and workshop with the method of product receipt "" workshop, with the accompanying documents identification products or key parts, classified depositing the nonconforming and qualified products by region, to need special identification and traceability requirements of the project, set up a special identification account, finished products when the product has the product nameplate, so that the difference between a variety of different specifications of the products, ensure traceability, product packaging in accordance with the requirements of product design, outside in the location specified by the packaging design, make the product name, delivery requirements, such as a variety of tags.


  4. Inspection and Testing.

  4.1 incoming goods inspection and test, raw and auxiliary materials into the factory, by the professional inspection personnel to the quality certificate provided by the subcontractors, such as certification, factory inspection report to check proof to the relevant quality data, and examined. The inspection personnel shall verify the incoming materials according to the purchase plan, technical requirements and inspection procedures.

  4.2 process inspection and testing.

  A. Self-inspection: the operator shall self-check the quality of the process product according to the drawing and process documents when processing the product.

  B. Inspection: in the process of processing this process, the operator first checks whether the product quality meets the technical requirements, and the product fails to be transferred to the next procedure.

  C. ZhuanJian: process full-time inspection personnel in accordance with the drawings and the requirements stipulated by the inspection process document, and touring spot check, find nonconforming product, according to "nonconforming product control written procedures" for processing.
  4.3 final inspection and test.
  A. The final inspection and test shall be tested and tested by the finished product inspector according to the factory inspection items established by the product's relevant standards.
  B. The final inspection and test shall be completed in all the required inspection and process inspection, and the result shall meet the requirements.
  C. Only the specified inspection and test items are all completed, and the inspection results are in conformity with the requirements and factory inspection.
  4.4 preparation and implementation of quality plan.
  To fully meet customer requirements for the quality of the product, by the technical department according to the product design and quality requirements, write the product quality plan, and characterized by the production department, all office, sales office sign, in each production workshop equipped with ZhiGuanYuan, responsible for quality plan implementation and supervision work.

  5. Packaging, Protection and D


  5.1 packing workshop according to the requirements of the design department to provide packaging design pattern as well as the packing list for packaging, packaging process, tracking by inspection personnel inspection, after inspection, before the warehousing formalities, the product shipped to ensure strong, no omissions, spray the packaging of the product type, specification, number, transportation and protection signs and hair (closed) cargo unit, address, etc. To ensure the correct.
  5.2 warehouse management personnel shall take appropriate protection and isolation measures for the products in stock and keep all kinds of products clearly identified and differentiated to prevent misuse, loss and damage.
  5.3 during the consignment and delivery process, the transport department is responsible for ensuring the delivery quality of the product until the customer is delivered in good condition.
  A. Product handling by transport personnel when you get on the product in the car binding is firm, prevent turn to on the way, and waterproof measures are taken, the link by the specialized personnel to supervise, truck out of the door, the guard check conforms to the requirement will not be released.
  B. When need to entrust the transport, the first to review of subcontractors, determine the qualified subcontractors, and is responsible for the entrust contract of carriage and insurance of the goods, etc., clear protection products is the responsibility of the shipper.
  C. After the delivery of the goods by the truck, the transport personnel will accompany the customer to unload the goods, and the special personnel and the user shall handle the handover procedures. After all the inspection and acceptance, the goods will be returned to the sales department.