After Sales

  In order to implement the quality policy of "ensuring customer satisfaction" and in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system, our company has established a comprehensive service system and a service supervision mechanism, providing free services for the provided equipment for one year after leaving the factory or 18 months from the date of operation.


 1. Organizational support

1.1 The sales office is the centralized management department responsible for organizing and implementing a series of service activities related to product sales and sales processes.
1.2 Implementation Department
1) Contract Department: Provide effective spare parts and accessories according to customer needs.
2) After sales service department: specifically implementing product after-sales service and user training work.
1.3 Cooperation and Support Department: Assist and cooperate in providing correct product usage and maintenance instructions, as well as technical consultation.

2. Service method and content:

2.1 Our company implements a lifelong system for product quality. During the warranty period, if any quality issues are found with the equipment, our company is responsible for repair and replacement, and the cost is borne by our company. Outside the warranty period, our company is responsible for long-term service of the equipment, and we only charge cost fees.
2.2 Our company promises to provide you with spare parts at a reasonable price for a long time and will not refuse or arbitrarily increase prices for any reason.
2.3 At the same time as product delivery, the contract department shall provide customers with effective installation instructions for the product.
2.4 According to customer needs or contractual provisions, the contract is responsible for contacting and arranging the provision of effective spare parts to customers.
2.5 Our company provides on-site installation and start-up supervision and guidance for the goods.
2.6 Our company provides specialized tools for the assembly and maintenance of goods.
2.7 According to customer needs, the after-sales service department will provide free training to customers.
2.8 Our company is responsible for the quality of all equipment provided (including purchased ones) and complies with the contract requirements. If any quality issues or non-compliance are found with the provided equipment, our company will provide free repair or replacement.
2.9 Conduct operational supervision and maintenance of the supplied goods within a certain period agreed upon by both parties, provided that this service does not exempt the seller from its obligations during the warranty period.
2.10 Our company guarantees that the goods provided are brand new, unused, and fully comply with the quality, specifications, and performance requirements specified in the contract. Our company guarantees that the goods will have satisfactory performance during their service life under correct installation, normal use, and maintenance conditions. If accidents occur due to manufacturing quality during the quality assurance period (one year) after the final acceptance of the goods, our company shall repair them free of charge and bear the losses caused thereby.
2.11 Our company will provide a clear repair response within 2 hours of receiving your notification regarding product quality issues.
2.12 Within 24 hours of receiving the notification, our company will have after-sales service personnel on-site to solve the problem.
2.13 During the installation, debugging, and operation of the equipment, whether caused by our company or improper use, equipment damage will be promptly repaired. If damage is caused by our company's reasons, the expenses incurred will be borne by our company. For expenses incurred for other reasons, our company will only charge cost fees.
2.14 The after-sales service department shall establish a "after-sales service tracking information" (i.e. "user profile") to record the product delivery time, product usage, user contact information, and records of previous after-sales services. Regular tracking and follow-up shall be conducted.
2.15 When customers have after-sales service requirements (such as guiding customers in installation, debugging, regular maintenance, etc.), the after-sales service department shall promptly arrange after-sales service personnel to go to the customer's place for service; After sales service personnel must have corresponding qualifications and arrive at the site within the specified time.
2.16 After each after-sales service is completed, please ask the customer to fill out the "Aftersales Service Work Receipt" and write the "Aftersales Service Work Report" after returning to the factory.
2.17 The sales office proactively provides product usage and improvement information to customers through sales channels, and organizes customer feedback and complaint information into a dedicated ledger, timely transmits it to relevant departments for processing, and regularly reports the processing results to the management representative.
Service contact information:
Person in charge of after-sales service department: Zhang Yaoguang
Tel: 021-59116888-806
Fax: 021-59149111