Technical Service

  Our company is the state economic and trade commission, sinopec, petrochina fixed-point production of high and low pressure switch equipment's enterprise, has the original machinery, high and low voltage switch equipment production license issued by the ministry, with the Shanghai quality supervision, certification, the products of the company after test evaluation.
  Our company has established a special technical service organization according to the technical and after-sales service elements of the ISO quality management system, and formulated the perfect after-sales service system. We insist on providing the best service to users at the fastest speed, and realize the systematization, procedure and standardization of quality service.

1Installation and commissioning, product guarantee and transportation commitment.

1. Our company will take the project manager as the main person in charge, and we will send engineers and senior technicians with similar project experience to make on-site installation, debugging and transportation.
2. Prepare on-site installation, guidance, debugging and operation manual according to the characteristics of the product; Guide the construction unit to carry on the site installation and commissioning.

 Important process table for installation and debugging:


NO. Name of the process Main content of the process Notes
1 Unpacking Disassemble the outer packaging of the switchgear Disassemble the cabinets one by one according to the layout plan of the switchgear
2 In place Install the cabinet in place Install one by one according to the cabinet body sequence in the switchgear layout plan
3 LCL Tightly assembled switchgear Connect the corresponding voltage phases with standard bolts
4 Bus connection Connect the busbars of adjacent switchgear cabinets in the same system  
5 Inspection Check if the operating handles, instruments, and contact points are intact Whether each operating part is flexible, whether the instrument is damaged, and whether each contact part is loose
6 Power on debugging Check electrical performance Check the reliability, safety, interlocking status, and accuracy of the switches and instruments


3. Maintain product warranty for 168 hours on site.

 2、 Personnel training

1. Training time (generally recommended by the purchaser):
2. Training stage: Conduct preliminary training during the execution of the order contract; The supplier provides on-site internship opportunities for the trainees of the demand side; Visiting operational sites with cooperative relationships with suppliers; Communicate with on-site personnel; Provide on-site explanation and Q&A by the supplier's training personnel regarding the buyer's questions; After the initial training, the on-site personnel of the purchaser have sufficient understanding of the equipment, and then conduct on-site business theoretical digestion and practical operation understanding on the purchaser's site.
3. System training: Basic operation of switchgear; Basic maintenance knowledge of equipment; Ability to conduct independent maintenance and debugging; Ability to analyze accidents and solve unexpected situations; The ability to collect operational information, the supplier will come up with a solution in advance based on the situation reported by the demander, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment without faults.
4. Training cost: The supplier provides training personnel with venue, equipment, materials, accommodation, and convenient transportation.

Training plan arrangement:


NO. Content Schedule(day) Composition of dispatched personnel location
Title Number of people
1 Pre training/system training 0.5 Engineer 2 Supplier unit and on-site provided by the supplier
2 Basic operation of switchgear 0.5 Technician 1 Supplier unit and on-site provided by the supplier
3 Maintenance and debugging 0.5 Technician 2 Supplier unit and on-site provided by the supplier
4 Accident analysis and resolution 0.5 Engineer 1 Supplier unit and on-site provided by the supplier
5 Information collection and feedback 0.5 Engineer 1 Supplier unit and on-site provided by the supplier
6 On site technical training Confirmed by the buyer Engineer 2 The buyer's construction site


3、 Measures and specific projects for operating services

1) The telecommunications of the after-sales service center are open 24 hours a day. Regardless of any reason that requires our factory's technical service and troubleshooting, after-sales service personnel will arrive at the site within 8 hours to solve the problem.
2) The after-sales service center has sufficient spare parts storage for related projects, fully meeting the daily maintenance and repair needs of this project.
3) We are responsible for replacing and providing free technical services for any quality issues that arise during the normal use and operation of the bidding product. Within the service life of the product after the warranty period, any faults that occur will be repaired free of charge by our factory.
4) Service personnel implement a service card system. Users should fill out the service card before the service personnel can return. The service card should clearly fill in the service items, fault causes, analysis, suggestions, etc., so that our factory can receive information feedback.
5) Tracking service system: Our factory implements a quality tracking and investigation service system for products every 3 months, timely handling feedback information on site, and solving problems found on site.
6) Provide technical support and high-quality spare parts according to user needs at any time.
7) Strengthen pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales services, and implement "24-hour service", "advanced service", "whole process service", and "lifelong service" throughout the entire process of product manufacturing, installation, debugging, and so on.
8) Archive all relevant materials related to this project to provide technical support for better service to the demander.
9) Archive the work plan of the project's plenipotentiary and compile a tracking service schedule.