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After-Sales Service
  To implement "to ensure that customer satisfaction" the quality policy, according to the requirements of ISO9001 quality system, our company established a perfect service system, and set up service supervision mechanism, to provide equipment factory or equipment from the operation of a year from the date of 18 months to provide free services.

1. Organizational Guarantee

1.1 sales office is the centralized management department, responsible for organizing and implementing a series of service activities of product sales and sales process.
1.2 implementation department
1) contract section: provide effective spare parts and spare parts according to customers' needs.
2) after-sales service department: specific implementation of after-sales service and user training.
1.3 cooperation and support department: assist and cooperate in providing the correct use of products and maintenance instruction and technical advice.

2. Service mode and content:

2.1 the quality of our products is guaranteed for life. Warranty period, if equipment quality problems found, my company is responsible for the repair, replacement, expenses shall be borne by our company, outside the warranty period, our company responsible for the equipment service for a long time, our company only charge the cost.
2.2 our company has promised to supply you with spare parts at reasonable prices for a long period of time, without any reason to refuse or increase the price at will.
2.3 the contract department shall provide the customer with effective installation instructions for the product delivery.
2.4 according to customer demand or contract stipulations, the contract shall be responsible for the contact arrangement to provide the customers with effective spare parts and spare parts.
2.5 our company provides on-site installation and supervision and guidance of the goods.
2.6 our company provides special tools for assembly and maintenance of goods.
2.7 provide free training to customers according to customers' needs.
2.8 our company provided for all equipment (including outsourcing) responsible for the quality, and conform to the requirements of the contract, if discover the quality of the equipment supplied by problems or do not conform to the requirements, our company will give free repair or replacement.
2.9 the operation supervision and maintenance of the goods shall be carried out within a certain period agreed upon by both parties, provided that the service does not relieve the seller of its obligations under the quality guarantee period.
2.10 our company guarantees that the goods provided are new and unused and fully comply with the quality, specification and performance requirements stipulated in the contract. Our company guarantees that the goods in the correct installation, normal use and maintenance conditions, the life of the goods with satisfactory performance. In the quality guarantee period after the final acceptance of the goods (one year), the accident caused by the manufacturing quality shall be repaired by our company without compensation and shall bear the losses caused thereby.
2.11 our company will give you a definite reply within 2 hours upon receipt of your notice concerning the quality of the products.
2.12 within 24 hours after receiving the notice, our company will solve the problem on the spot.
2.13 in the process of equipment installation, debugging and running, I company reason or equipment damage caused by improper, will give timely maintenance, such as damage caused by our company, all expenses to be borne by our company, the fee for other reasons, our company only accept the cost.
2.14 after FuWuKe build "after-sales service tracking information" (that is, the "user profiles"), the record of product delivery time, product usage, user contact and all previous records of after-sales service, tracking and return visit on a regular basis.
2.15 when the customer has after-sales service requirements (to guide the installation and debugging, regular maintenance, etc.), the after-sales service department shall arrange the after-sales service staff to the customer service in a timely manner; After-sales service personnel must be qualified and arrive at the site within the specified time.
2.16 after the after-sales service, please fill in the after-sales service receipt, and write the after-sales service report after returning to the factory.
2.17 sales through the marketing channels, take the initiative to provide products to customers to use and improve the information, and will be a reflection of the customer and the complaint information into a special account, timely passed to the relevant department for processing, and regularly report to the management representative.
Service Contact Information:
After Sale Service Department Head:Yaoguang Zhang